Sunday, March 13, 2011

lets try this again...

     so last week my posts wouldnt share to facebook... its a new week and were gonna give it another shot... this time without so much cussing and yelling-... for now-
     Im starting to get into this whole steampunk thing-  but I dont want my jewelry to look comepletely industrial-  Im not quite ready to raid my husbands tool boxes for jewelry parts-  but heres my take on it-

Thursday, March 10, 2011

... and now for something completely different-

   so I really have been making stuff... just not posting the pics-  I'm So not a closer-  I rarely finish anything.  But check this out!  I made my first scarf!!  what- you thought it would be grey or something??  ColorColorColor!!! 
     those people with all white walls make me nervous- gotta be something going on there. we have a running joke at our house, that if it sits still too long- I will paint it... probably red or yellow-  I cannot leave anything without color (Have you seen my and my daughters hair?!?) 
     so now that I have this astronomically long colorful Dr. Seuss scarf finished... you can be guaranteed the weather will warm up!  Im Way better than a groundhog-  you need some rain??... no problem- I'll just go wash the car-

Sunday, February 20, 2011

back at it!

     disney vacation was fabulously inspiring.  I highly recommend the land of the Mouse!  I could easily see myself as an Imagineer, working alongside Walt... who by the way, unfortunately, isn't really cryo-frozen anywhere-  urban myth-  tragic-
     now all I have to do is organize the 200 photos, some of which are merely the sides of painted buildings... but I just Loved the colors!  Everything there is so Saturated!  Its like they used oil pastels to color stuff.  Go there!  It really is the Happiest place on earth... (I think its some kind of drug they pump through the air-)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I love watching dragonflys.  They're a little scary at first but they are harmless and their colors are truly amazing.  If you're patient, they will land on you and if it doesn't freak you out, it's quite a show.  Very entrancing if you just give it a chance. And for some reason, these days, they remind me of my daughter-

Sunday, February 6, 2011

beading every day: sometimes less really is more-

beading every day: sometimes less really is more-: " sometimes the basic process of stringing one bead after another is the kind of repetative therapy the mind needs......"

sometimes less really is more-

     sometimes the basic process of stringing one bead after another is the kind of repetative therapy the mind needs... especially those days when you cant seem to put together two coherent sentences.  At "certain times in life" (hinthintnudgenudge) my brain turns into complete mush and anything that begins with a capital letter is temporarily just plain Gone-
     which is kinda okay, because when my sanity takes a vacation to places unknown, a lot of un-nice expletive sentences that begin with a capital letter and end with an exclamation point, tend to replace my normal speech patterns... things you would not under normal circumstances say, unless you were momentarily possesed by demons, seem to pop out of nowhere.
    so instead, I hide away from tiny ears, pick up a bead, then another, and eventually find my happy place... hopefully before I have created a completely unwearable, forty pound necklace-

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ahh! the power of snowdays!

     I would have bet money that I havent been very busy the last several days that my kids have been home... but apparently I's be wrong... I am losing track of days and forgetting other things such as laundry and house cleaning... If I were Tom Hanks on Castaway I would by now think I was in my tenth year on the island-  My concept of time is comepletely gone-
     I made this necklace 3 days ago- then did absolutely- nothing-  Blogging?  Whats blogging?  Oh yea... thats that thing I said I was going to do every day to keep myself on track! (Insert maniacal laugh here-) As my father would say, "Baby, your train of thought has no caboose-"  He said this with love-
     Apparently my absolutely wonderfully endearing children (did you hear that laughter again?!) are going back to school Monday and life will go back to it's normal routine... Well as normal as it gets around here- for exactly 4 days, when we will all board a large airplane (can you say Xanax!) and head off to Disneyworld for a week of quality family time together- (Whats with the damn laughing?!)
     Did you know they say Disneyworld is the Happiest Place on Earth?  Did you know they have no alcohol in the Magic Kingdom?!... Lookout Epcot Here I come!!!